OSM-OPEN SOURCE MEN is an every evolving website presenting the beauty of the Male Body.

I am taking men out of their comfort zones, allowing them to explore themselves in a new way, collaborate in the idea process of the shoot, and then presenting the end results to you.

While I am driven by the unknown and always wanting to know what is around the corner, I am also driven by the beauty of the Male Body. The goal of this website is to bring you men from all ethnicities, ages, body types, styles, personalities, countries, etc... i.e. skateboarders, jocks, musicians, artists, dancers, tatted, suits, laborers, guys next door, young, old, beards, hairy, smooth... all types of men. I am exploring the world of men and I am giving you their sensuality, masculinity, edginess, attitude, sexiness...their body.

I am always willing to stretch boundaries and get edgy. I am creating Art! My focus is to have people who see the photos to just stare and stare at them, wonder who the men are, fantasize who they are, etc... I want the images to have such an impact on you, the viewer, that the photos are stamped on every cell of your being, that you cannot stop thinking about these men!

You can also follow me on my Blog, Twitter, and Tumblr. My blog contains my poetry, photographs of nature, musicians, live concerts, people, places, and things. It also contains a bit about my experience with the models I shoot and what was going on in my 'pea' brain at the time.

CHEERS -- Drew Frederic, Photographer/Owner

*NOTE: Please contact me if you want to Model for me, send a comment, ask questions, or just say 'Hello!'.